Devry socs185n week 4 discussion dq 1& dq 2

Devry socs185n week 4 discussion dq 1& dq 2


devry socs185 dq 1



Social Mobility (graded)



Has your family experienced significant upward or downward mobility over the past three or four generations? How do you think your values and behavior might differ had you experienced the opposite pattern of mobility? How might it have been different had your family been of a different ethnic or racial origin?



devry socs185 dq 2



Perceptions of Deviance (graded)



One of the more interesting topics of study is the area of deviance and social control. Choose a form of deviance with which you are familiar (not necessarily something you’ve done, but something someone you know did) and discuss why society views that behavior as deviant and whether perceptions of that behavior have changed over time. Explain which theory of deviance you think works best for understanding the deviant behavior you’ve chosen to discuss.